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From: (Mavrik375)
Subject: Re: Jesus
Date: 19 Jul 2004 23:09:25 -0700
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Since a reply to his email did not go through, I'm posting it here, as
it deserves a response:

respectively wrote in message by email on 7/18/2004:

"And you REALLY believe all this contrived evidence?

Let's just drop the whole idea. I have lived 77 years trying to find
evidence of the truth of any god or goddess and if I can never be
convinced after all that time, how do you expect to convert me with
this clap trap?

Gordon Hale
Grand Prairie, Texas"

Thanks for your reply. What exactly about it is contrived? You
didn't provide anything against it. Am I supposed to just take YOUR
word because YOU, a fallible human being like me, say so? For the
third time, in my post I stated that all that remains is for the items
referenced to be determined legitimate or not. Since I don't have
access to the Vatican archives, it's rather difficult for me to do so.
Therefore, I accept it based on faith, based on other historical
evidence that references biblical events, names and linguistics (such
as the Declaration of Arbroath-Scottish, such as Assyria's king
Sennacherib's stele that states he took 200,150 prisoners from Judah's
cities surrounding Jerusalem in the 8th century BC, such as the
Behistun Rock which identifies the Saxons with the Scythians, such as
Saragossa (Zarah's Stronghold) on the Ebro (Hebrew, or Hirbernia
[Ireland] or Iberia [Spain and later in the Caucacus region in
Southern Russia]) River in Spain, such as Jeremiah in Ireland and
Joseph of Ariminathea in Glastonbury, Britain and on and on and on.
And I also base my faith on God's Word itself, the Scriptures; You
might want to take a closer look at the biblical meanings of "fair"
and "ruddy" [as king David was described for instance]. Where do you
think the word "fair as in "my fair maiden" comes from?

You're free to believe what you want. I choose to place my faith and
belief in God and His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ while
we are still able to freely believe in Him for the time being. And
even when the time comes, and it most definitely will come, soon, when
it will be unlawful to profess faith in God and Jesus Christ, I still
will believe in Them. The thread was about Jesus Christ, and so I
chose to contribute the information I found for those that might be
interested in checking it out. If you choose not to believe it or
choose not to research the matter further, that's your call.


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