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From: (Jared Linn Olar)
Subject: Re: al-Hasani (was Re: Jesus)
Date: 21 Jul 2004 08:52:20 -0700
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Perhaps. Was your friend from a family descended from the Arabian
clans from whom came the old Emirs and Sharifs of Mecca?

Somewhere in my files if a photocopied article from an old
multi-volume encyclopedia of Muslim history and religion, which
summarises the history of the traditional descendants of al-Hassan,
son of Fatima, but I do not know anything about the quality of the
sources from which that information was drawn. As I recall, there
seemed to be various places along the pedigree where the genealogical
information was uncertain or contradictory, as you might expect from a
pedigree that was probably preserved largely through oral tradition
for much of history.

Jared Linn Olar

(Francisco Antonio Doria) wrote in message news:<>...
> --- Jared Linn Olar <> escreveu: >
> > Now that this offtopic nonsense is exhausted, what
> > about the traditional descents from Fatima's son
> > al-Hassan? Anyone?
> >
> > Jared Linn Olar
> Are you talking about my dear, long deceased friend
> Yahya ibn Firhi ibn Ahmed ibn al-Hasani?
> fa

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