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From: (Jared Linn Olar)
Subject: Re: al-Hasani (was Re: Jesus)
Date: 22 Jul 2004 11:03:01 -0700
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I found the photocopied "article" I was thinking of. Actually it was
three photocopied articles from two different volumes -- one on the
Hashimids (or Hawashim), Sharifs and Emirs of Mecca; another on the
Hashimids or Hashemites of the 1800s and 1900s, focusing especially on
the kings of the Hejaz, of Transjordan/Jordan, and of Iraq; and a
third on the history of Mecca, which includes another account of the
Sharifs and Emirs of Mecca. I am prettty sure these did come the
Brill _Encyclopedia of Islam_, though like an idiot I didn't bother to
scribble down the bibliographical information on any of the
photocopies when I made them about 10 years ago at Brookens Library,
University of Illinois at Springfield. Most of the studies or primary
sources on which these articles were based were written in languages I
cannot read (French, German, Arabic), but I can look up the
English-language ones at least.

Jared Linn Olar

(Peter Stewart) wrote in message news:<>...
> (Jared Linn Olar) wrote in message news:<>...
> > Perhaps. Was your friend from a family descended from the Arabian
> > clans from whom came the old Emirs and Sharifs of Mecca?
> >
> > Somewhere in my files if a photocopied article from an old
> > multi-volume encyclopedia of Muslim history and religion, which
> > summarises the history of the traditional descendants of al-Hassan,
> > son of Fatima, but I do not know anything about the quality of the
> > sources from which that information was drawn.
> Probably this was the _Encyclopaedia of Islam_ published by Brill
> (Leiden, from 1960). This is a splendid work of reference, to be found
> in most major libraries. It has been issued in many fascicules that
> now make up (I think) 11 volumes. There are fairly good bibliographies
> at the end of articles, and it's is a useful starting point for
> investigating genealogies - as well as the early sources of Islam.
> Peter Stewart

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