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Subject: Re: Jesus
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 16:42:27 -0400

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>> > I'm afraid there is confusion here.  There is a difference between a
>> > literary text, preserved in 0, 1 or 1000 manuscripts, and a manuscript
>> > which contains 1 or more texts.
>> >
>> > You introduce the issue of interpolations.  The relevance of this is
>> > unclear to me.
>> The relevance is, if I copy 29 sources into my one codex, then I have plenty
>> of opportunity for editing, don't I?
>Speculation is neither here nor there, surely?  We can all suppose
>things we don't want to listen to to have been interpolated.

Speculation is all we have to go on since whoever rewrote this work did not sign it. And did not leave us details of how it was compiled or composed.

>> Thus my question "how many hands are apparent in this copy" ?
>I'm sorry, but I've said it twice now; why do you suppose this to be a
>single Ms?

I never said it was a single MS. I said it was a single codex.

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