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Subject: Re: Age Survey and Question to Leo van de Pas
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 20:45:05 EDT

Dear Newsgroup,
I`m 44 and grew up in a household where the names
of each of my great grandparents, several great great grandparents and a
number of cousins were known on both sides. No, my Grandparents and Parents were
not particularly into digging into their roots or going to big family
reunions dueing my childhood, but there were the family stories and We always went
to some of the cemeteries to decorate the graves around Memorial Day. About
the age of seven or eight I got acquainted with King Richard I of England and
the nasty spineless brother Prince ( Later King) John. When I was about 12 or
13 an elderly cousin gave us a number of items belonging to a couple of my
2nd Great Grandparents, thhen when I was 14 another cousin gave my grandmother
a copy of Arthur S Boyd`s genealogy and I started to get really interested.
James W Cummings
Dixmont, Maine USA

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