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From: "Sleepy Jag" <>
Subject: Re: Age Survey and Question to Leo van de Pas
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 00:47:13 -0700
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Gordon you hail from where part of my family lives. my dad was stationed
at the base there in Fort Worth in 1961 until he retired and we stayed

i got interested in genealogy 3 years ago (i am 57) when i finally found
out something about my family. most of them died before i was born and my
mother and aunt never talked about the family. and the only reason my aunt
finally sent me anything on the family is her son started searching. my
aunt isn't even sure of what her fathers name is. i have found different
variations of his name on several different sites. so now trying to get his
birth certificate. Dee (Sleepy Jag)

> was common. It leaves little time for the time required for
> research.
> Gordon Hale
> Grand Prairie, Texas

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