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Subject: Charlemagne to Agnes Harris
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 08:20:39 -0500

Can anyone tell me if there are errors in the following line of descent?

Generation 1
Karloman/Charlemagne, Charles the Great, King of the Franks and Emperor of
the Holy Roman Empire (742-813) + Hildegarde of Vinzgau (757- 782)
parents of Pepin (below).
Generation 2
Pepin, King of Italy (773-810) + Bertha de Toulouse parents of Bernhard
Generation 3
Bernhard, King of Italy (D 818) + Cunegonde parents of Pepin (below).
Generation 4
Pepin, Count Pepin II Quentin de Vermandois, Count of Perrone (B about 817)
+ Unknown parents of Beatrice (below).
Generation 5
Hubert de Senlis, Caroling de Vermandois, Lord de Perrone (D 902) &
Beatrice de Morvois/Vermandois (D 900) parents of Beatrice (below).
Generation 6
Robert of France, King of France, (D 923) + Beatrice de Vermandois parents
of Hugh (below).
Generation 7
Hugh Magnus, Duke of Francia, Count of Paris (895-956) + Hedwige de
Sachsen/Edith of Saxony (915-965) parents of Hugh (below).
Generation 8
Hugh Capet, King of France (941-died 995)
Lineage of Hugh Capet through Agnes Harris is from “The Royal Descents of
500 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States Who Were
Themselves Notable or Left Descendants Notable in American History, by Gary
Boyd Roberts, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc, pages 444-45, found in the
Newberry Library, Chicago.
+ Adelaide de Poitou parents of Hedwige (below).
Generation 9
Raginerius/Rainier IV, Count of Hainault (B 955) + Hedwige/Edith Capet of
France parents of Beatrice (below).
Generation 10
Ebles de Roucy, Count + Beatrice de Hainault (B 988) parents of Alice
Generation 11
Hildouin de Montdidier, Count (B 1014) + Adela/Alice de Roucy (B 1040)
parents of Margaret (below).
Generation 12
Hugh de Clermont, Count + Margaret de Roucy (B 1040) parents of
Adeliza/Adele (below).
Generation 13
Gilbert de Clare (D 1114) + Adeliza de Clermont (1088-1128) parents of
Roger (below).
Generation 14
Roger de Clare (1116-1173) + Maud de St. Hilaire (1127-1193) parents of
Aveline (below).
Generation 15
Geoffrey FitzPiers + Aveline de Clare parents of Hawise (below).
Generation 16
Reynold II de Mohun, Sir + Hawise FitzGeoffrey/FitzPiers (D 1247) parents
of Alice (below).
Generation 17
Robert IV de Beauchamp, Lord of Hatch Beauchamp, Justice in Eyre.
(1231-1281) + Alice de Mohun (1230-1282) parents of Humphrey (below).
Generation 18
Humphrey de Beauchamp (1250-1316) + Sybil Oliver parents of John (below).
Generation 19
John de Beauchamp, Lord of Ryme, Dorset, Oburnford + Alice de Nonant
parents of John (below).
Generation 20
John de Beauchamp, Lord of Ryme, Obunford, Oilescombe, Teignhervy &
Oulescombe (died 1349) + Margaret Whalesburgh parents of Elizabeth
Generation 21
William Fortescue, Lord of Whympston + Elizabeth de Beauchamp (D 1409) –
parents of William (below).
Generation 22
William Fortescue, Lord of Whympston + Mabilla/Matilda Falwell parents of
John (below).
Generation 23
John Fortescue (died 1480) + Joan Prutteston (died 1501) parents of Joane
Generation 24
Thomas Hext (died 1470) + Joane Fortescue parents of Thomas (below).
Generation 25
Thomas Hext (1555) + Wilmot Poyntz (1487-1558) parents of Margery (below).
Generation 26
Henry Collarmore (died 1555) + Margery Hext (1510-about 1551) parents of
Henry (below).
Generation 27
Henry Collamore (1541-1625) + Margaret Blight (1545-1626) parents of
Elizabeth (below).
Generation 28
Bartholomew Harris (died 1615) + Elizabeth Collamore parents of Agnes
Generation 29
William Spencer + Agnes Harris

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