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From: "Pierre Aronax" <>
Subject: Re: Charlemagne to Agnes Harris
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 10:42:06 +0200
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""John Parsons"" <> a crit dans le message de
> >>Generation 8 Hugh Capet, King of France (941-died 995) Lineage of Hugh
> >>Capet through Agnes Harris is from ?oThe Royal Descents of 500
> >>to the American Colonies or the United States Who Were Themselves
> >>or Left Descendants Notable in American History, by Gary Boyd Roberts,
> >>Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc, pages 444-45, found in the Newberry
> >>Library, Chicago. + Adelaide de Poitou parents of Hedwige (below).
> The identification of Hugh Capet's wife Adelaide as "of Aquitaine" or "of
> Poitou" is erroneous.

No, it is not erroneous: it is hypothetical. And this hypothesis has other
arguments for it than the charter you mentionned.


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