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From: (Bronwen Edwards)
Subject: Re: Non-White Royal Descendants
Date: 27 Sep 2004 04:34:11 -0700
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"David Webb" <> wrote in message news:<45v5d.89759$>...
Are you a descendant of James VI? I am trying to type up all the
> of George II in Burke's Guide to the Royal Family, and then I will follow
> that with Daniel Willis' descendants of George I, but most of these are
> title people. I thought Henry VII was the first king a non-titled person
> could be descended from? As for the "race is a social construct" idea: this
> is just a left-liberal rant. The Irish were white whether they were regarded
> as members of elite groups or not. One can draw a parallel with the position
> of eg Serb and Albanian refugees in Western Europe: they are regarded as
> almost as undesirable as refugees from outside Europe, but are clearly
> "white" all the same. The genome project has revealed the diversity of the
> human race - read the works of Luigi Cavalli-Svorza on the subject. At the
> extremes, there is a clear differentiation, eg geneticists would have no
> trouble differentiating Scandinavian from Zulu DNA. At the edges of Europe,
> the difference between France/Algeria, Greece/Turkey is much less distinct.
> Bronwen, I make no apology for rejecting the concepts of "anti-racism",
> "equality", "multi-culturalism" etc as specious nonsense. If you want to
> educate yourself, read the works of Thomas Sowell. You could also try Issues
> & Views at

I initially mis-read your first post and thought you wrote "James IV".
I am not descended from James VI/I so far as I know. I am, however,
descended from Henry VII. As regards your views on race, where did you
get your degree in anthropology? Mine is from the University of
California. I just retired from teaching this stuff for more than 25
years. Re: Thomas Sowell, he is a dark-faced mouthpiece for the
far-toxic-right. You will find that the current state of the science
supports what I posted regardless of anyone's political opinions. The
genome project exposed our similarities not our differences. Bronwen

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