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From: Peter Stewart <>
Subject: Re: Finis, Back To The Banu Qasi
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 08:33:22 GMT
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Merilyn Pedrick wrote:

> Spencer - you sound a MOST unpleasant sort of gnome. Why don't you get
> back under your mossy rock and stop harrassing Peter? It was disgraceful of
> you to broadcast what Peter must have told you in confidence. In any case
> it is extremely rude of you to mention personal matters which have nothing
> whatever to do with Peter's undoubted ability to get to the heart of a
> knotty genealogical problem.
> When you start contributing useful information to this newsgroup, rather
> than snidey remarks, you may begin to claw back some respect.
> Merilyn (we Aussies must stick together!)

Thank you Merilyn.

Spencer obviously doesn't value what is left of his reputation on SGM,
but it's notable that he isn't cross-posting this stuff & nonsense to
his audiences elsewhere, who would no doubt be interested to see how
crankily and feebly he defends himself from the consequences of his own
ignorance when called to account.

Peter Stewart

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