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Date: 10 Nov 2004 14:06:13 -0800
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> This has been very helpful, but it raises a question for me. Do you know
> anything of the ancestry of Ralph Monthermer? I've not had much success in
> pursuing his line. Is anything further known about him?
> Thanks,
> Gordon Kirkemo

As far as I am aware, nothing is known of Ralph Monthermer's ancestry.
He seems to have been a pretty obscure individual. He was attached to
the household of Joan d'Acre before suddenly and secretly marrying her
in 1297, much to the ire of her father King Edward I (who threw his
coronet into the fire upon learning of his daughter's humiliatingly
lowly marriage). Ralph was styled Earl of Gloucester & Hertford in
right of his wife, but when she died in 1307 he was downgraded to the
rank of baron. He would later remarry to another highborn lady, Isabel
le Despenser, the widow of Gilbert de Clare of Thomond and John
Hastings, respectively.

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