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From: "John Higgins" <>
Subject: Champernoun/Champernowne - an RPA omission?
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 15:08:44 -0800

The new RPA, on page 265, shows a connection from the Courtenays of Powderham and Molland to the Champernouns of Modbury as follows:
Margaret Courtenay, m. (1) Sir John Champernoun of Modbury
Sir Philip Champernoun of Modbury, m. Katherine Carew [descendant of Edward I]
Joan Champernoun, m. Sir Anthony Denny

The implication is that the Plantagenet ancestry came to the Champernouns via Margaret Courtenay, since no earlier Plantagenet ancestry is indicated for Sir John Champernoun. However, elsewhere in RPA (at p. 126) is listed Isabel Bonville [descendant of Henry II] who m. Richard Champernoun. I believe there is a connection between this couple and Sir John Champernoun, as follows (briefly):
Isabel Bonville, m. Richard Champernoun
Hugh Champernoun, m. Alice Bois
William Champernoun, m. Elizabeth Chuderlegh [or Chidderleigh]
Sir John Champernoun, m. Margaret Courtenay

The details for this connection can be found in Ronny Bodine's excellent series of posts of Jan. 1999 on the Champernouns and also, less reliably, in Vivian's Visitations of Devon. Is there any newer evidence that would contradict the Bodine posts, or is this simply an omission in RPA? The Courtenay/Champernoun connection also appeared in PA3, whereas the Bonville/Champernoun connection arises from the expansion of RPA to include illegitimate lines of descent. In the expansion, the connection between the two lines was apparently missed.

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