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From: "Sutliff" <>
Subject: Re: Champernoun/Champernowne - an RPA omission?
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 13:43:12 -0800
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It was about 1996 that Todd posted a great deal on the Vautort/Valletort
family and if I recall correctly it was in 1998 that Ronny Bodine made
extended posts on the Champernoun family (with considerable) documentation
for each generation. These can be found in the archives and should be very
useful to anyone researching these families.I seem to recall other
discussions on the illegitimate children of Richard, Earl of Cornwall, but
have no recollection as to when they were posted or by whom.

Henry Sutliff

"Martin E. Hollick" <> wrote in message
> Could you please post your sources for this? I descend from these
> people and I have Joan de Okeston as the wife of Richard Champernoun,
> not Joan of Cornwall. PA3 (I know not your favorite book) says Joan
> of Cornwall married John Howard (p. 233). I would like a chance at
> reconciling the differences here.
> Martin

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