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Subject: Re: C.P. Addition: Identity of Lleucu, wife of Geoffrey de Camville
Date: 3 Jan 2005 19:23:39 -0800
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Monday, 3 January, 2005

Dear Douglas,

Yet another interesting find - many thanks, yet again. I wonder
if you have a chance to Leucha the Mohaut family, perhaps that missing
connection (wife of ) might yet be resolved.

Re: the descents from Geoffrey de Camville and his wife Lleucu,
following is a pedigree giving the descent from same to the emigrant
Jane Lowe and her family. A few more emigres to add to your list.....



1 Geoffrey de Camville
Father:William de Camville
Mother:Aubree Marmion (->1232)

of Clifton, co. Stafford[1]


Children:William (-1260)

Other Spouses NN

1.1 William de Camville

of Clifton Campville, co. Stafford, Llanstephan, co. Carmarthen,
Fedamore, co. Limerick and Caher, co. Tipperary[1]
2nd son
the lands of Clifton , disputed with half-brother Richard, adjudged to
him; received quitclaim of Llanstephan, co. Carmarthen from
Aubree, 1228[1]

Death:aft 14 Aug 1284[1]

Children:Geoffrey (-<1308)

1.1.1 Geoffrey de Camville
Death:bef 21 Sep 1308[1]
Occ:Lord Camville

of Clifton Campville, co. Stafford & c.
summoned to Parliament from 24 June 1295 to 3 Nov 1306 by writs
'Galfrido de Camvilla', whereby held to have become Lord Camville[1]

had custody of Blagdon, Somerset (restored to stepson William Martin on
his death, 1308(Sanders, p. 15)[2]

Spouse:Maud de Brian
Birth:25 Dec 1242[1]
Death:bef 1280[1]
Father:Guy de Brian
Mother:Eve de Tracy

Children:William (<1268-<1338) William de Camville
Birth:bef 26 Oct 1268[1]
Death:bef 27 Jul 1338[1]
Occ:Lord Camville

of Clifton Campville, co. Stafford, Llanstephan, co. Carmarthen,
Fedamore, co. Limerick and Caher, co. Tipperary
2nd Lord Camville
summoned to Parliament from 4 Mar 1308/09 to 16 Jun 1311[1]

Children:Maud (->1338) Maud de Camville[1]
Death:aft 27 Jul 1338[1]

one of 5 daughters and coheiresses[1]

Spouse:Richard de Vernon
Death:bef 3 Jun 1323[1]
Father:Sir Richard de Vernon (->1323)

Children:Sir William (-<1378) Sir William de Vernon
Death:bef 29 Sep 1378[4]

of Haddon and Harleston, co. Derby
succeeded his grandfather[4], noted also in CP Vol III (Camville),
pp. 4-5[1]

Spouse:Margaret de Stopford[4]
Father:Robert de Stopford

Children:Sir Richard (-1376) Sir Richard de Vernon

of Haddon and Harleston, co. Derbys.[4]

Spouse:Juliana de Pembrugge[4]
Birth:ca 1348[5]
Death:bef May 1409[5]
Father:Roger de Pembrugge (-<1364)

Children:Sir Richard (ca1367-ca1400) Sir Richard Vernon
Birth:ca 1367[5]
Death:ca 1400[4]

of Haddon and Harleston, co. Derbys.

Spouse:Joan Griffith
Birth:bef 1372[6]
Father:Sir Rhys ap Griffith (-1380)
Mother:Elizabeth de Stackpole (-<1377)

Children:Sir Richard (ca1394-<1451) Sir Richard Vernon
Birth:ca 1394[4]
Death:bef 23 Aug 1451[5]

of Ayleston, co. Leics., and Tong, co. Salop
Speaker of the Parliament (Leicester) 1425/26
Sheriff of Derby 1425; M.P. for Derbyshire[4]

Spouse:Benedicta Ludlowe
Father:Sir John Ludlowe

Children:Agnes Agnes Vernon
Burial:Ashbourne, co. Derbys.[7]

Spouse:John Cokayne
Birth:ca 1422[7]
Death:ca 1505[4],[7]
Father:Sir John Cokayne (-1438)
Mother:Isabel Shirley (->1459)

Children:Thomas (-1488)
Beatrice Thomas Cokayne
Death:1488, slain at Pooley Park, co. Derbys. (d.v.p.)[7]

of Ashbourne and Pooley, co. Derby
heir apparent of his father

Spouse:Agnes Barlow
Father:Robert Barlow
Mother:Margaret Delves

Children:Sir Thomas (ca1479->1537) Sir Thomas Cokayne
Birth:ca 1479[7]
Death:aft 4 Apr 1537[4],[7]
Burial:St. Oswald's, Ashbourne, co. Derby

knight, of Ashbourne, co. Derby
fought at Battle of Tournai, 1513[4]

Spouse:Barbara FitzHerbert
Father:John FitzHerbert
Mother:Margaret Babington

Children:Jane Jane Cokayne[4]

'...Jane, elder daughter of Sir Thomas Cokayne of Ashbourn.'
(Cox., p. 252)[8]

Spouse:Vincent Lowe
Death:ca 1556[4]
Father:Humphrey Lowe (->1516)
Mother:Margaret Cokayne

Children:Jasper (-1582)
Barbara Jasper Lowe

of Park-Hall and Denby, co. Derby[4]

[his holdings in Denby evidently from his wife's maritagium or
inheritance from her mother]

noted by Cox as having acquired Park-Hall 'about the beginning of
Henry VIII's reign' and then being settled on his younger son
(p. 251)[8]

Spouse:Dorothy Sacheverell[4]
Father:William Sacheverell (-1558)
Mother:Mary Lowe

Children:Patrick (ca1561->1617)
Mary Patrick Lowe
Birth:ca 1561[4],[8]
Death:aft 17 Oct 1617[4],[9]

Esq., of Denby, co. Derby[10]

'Patrick Lowe of Denby, Derbyshire', will dated 17 Oct 1617
[PRO PCC PROB 11/130[9] ]

Spouse:Jane Harpur
Father:Sir John Harpur (ca1546-1622)
Mother:Isabella Pierrepont

Children:Vincent (1594->1640)
Isabel Vincent Lowe
Death:aft 1640[10]

Esq., of Denby, co. Derby[10]

Spouse:Anne Cavendish
Father:Henry Cavendish (1550-1616)

Children:Grace (1614-)
John (1616-1659)
Anne (1618-)
Beth (1626-)
Catherine (1627-)
Henry (1628-)
Dorothy (1630-)
Vincent (1632-)
Jane (1633-1700)
Nicholas (1639-) Jane Lowe*
Birth:14 Oct 1633, Denby, co. Derby[4]
Death:19 Jan 1700, Middlesex, England[10]
Burial:St. Giles-in-the-Field church, Middlesex
Occ:Lady Baltimore

she m. 1stly Henry Sewall,
2ndly (as 2nd wife) Charles Calvert, Lord

Raised grandson Notley Rozer after death of his father in 1681[12](son
Nicholas Sewall was guardian of Notley Rozer per indenture of

d. intestate, 19 Jan 1700/01 [Barnes, p.2[14] ]

Spouse:Henry Sewall
Birth:aft 1622[4]
Death:bef 17 Apr 1665[4]
Father:Richard Sewall (-<1638)
Mother:Mary Dugdale (1597-ca1648)
Marr:bef 1650, England[15]

Children:Anne (ca1651-1693)
Elizabeth (<1651-<1710)
Nicholas (ca1655-1737)
Mary (1658-1693)

Other Spouses Charles Calvert, 3rd Lord Baltimore

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