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From: (jean bunot)
Subject: Re: De Meherenc de Montmirel royal gateway- new
Date: 13 Jan 2005 11:21:12 -0800
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Denis Beauregard <> wrote in message news:<>...

Dear Monsieur Beauregard. Thank you for your interest and your
question. Adrien de Meherenc, seigneur de La Conseillere was married
twice, firstly to Jeanne du Pont (1579) and secondly to Elisabeth de
Clinchamp (1590). According to a document in my possession, no
children were born from the second union. This document is a typed
genealogical chart of the senior and La Conseillere-Montmirel lines of
the Meherenc from the family archives of the Marquis de Saint-Pierre,
chef de nom et d'armes. I was very surprised to read in the Alain
Contant article of SGCF which you mention in your question that
Elisabeth de Clinchamp was assigned as the mother of Jean de Meherenc,
seigneur de Montmirel et de La Conseillere, since I was actually able
to obtain a photocopy of this chart through Me Contant himself who had
received it directly from the marquis de Saint-Pierre at his request.
I double checked today with Alain Contant and he confirmed that Jeanne
du Pont was indeed the right mother and that he had not received any
new information to the contrary. In fact he admited that it what a
minor "glitch" that escaped his attention. From memory, but I would
need to verify since I do not have the source at hand, I recall that
Maintenue de Noblesse de Normandie also made clearly Jean de Meherenc
de Montmirel and his siblings the children of Jeanne du Pont.

Taking advantage of this post, I would like to point out that the
Meherenc line offers many other very promissing gateways to be
researched, among which :

-ANNE DE GROSPARMY who was from the family of the Cardinal Raoul de
Grosparmy , bishop of Evreux (+ 1270), an important French councillor,
and of his nephew Raoul de Grosparmy, bishop of Orleans (+ 1311). The
Grosparmy were seigneurs de Beuville, Benneville, barons de Flers,
etc. Anne has a good chance of being a descendant of Raoul de
Grosparmy, seigneur de Beuville married in 1404 with Denise de
Tournebu, dame de Flers, daughter of Guillaume de Tournebu, seigneur
de Marbeuf and (m.1369) of Marie Paynel de Moyon, dame de Milly (with
mother Harcourt-Beaumesnil). According to "Quartiers genealogiques
d'Olivier Laurent" (in RGN # 66, p. 205), Anne de Grosparmy was
daughter of Jean, seigneur de Benneville and Jacqueline de Sillans.

-ISABEAU DE MALHERBE, dame du Breuil et de La Vaquerie. Aside from
being an heiress, she was from an ancient and distinguished normand
family which gave the renaissance poet Francois de Malherbe
(1555-1628). Although her exact placement within the Malherbe family
has not yet been investigated, she is, like many contemporary members
of that family, most probably descended from the marriage of Jean III
de Malherbe (living 1327) and Jeanne Bacon de Formigny, herself
daughter of Jeanne d'Estouteville (senior line).

Looking foreward to develop those new potential lines with your

Jean Bunot

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