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Subject: GORRAM, AVERTON, ST. LO, ORTA, of Breton
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From Collectanea Topographica Genealogica, Vol. VI, (London: John Bowyer
Nichols and Son), 1840, pp. 284-289:

*William == Oliva **Guido == Mary Sir Hugh == de Gorram
de Gorram Ide St. Loup I de Gorramde Orta I
liv. 1199 II 1178liv.1238 I
II singled. 1239 I
_________________________I I
***I ****II I
Sir Ralph == AalizSir RobertISir Fulk de Orta
de Gorramde Avertonde GorramIco-heir of Sir Robert
liv. 1237Ide Gorram,Lord of Livare
d. ca 1238I1239, living 1255
GervaiseGroietSir Giles de St. Loup [St. Lo]
hostage forco-heir of Sir Robert de Gorram and
William deGorramLord of la Tanniere 1239
King John 1199

*Lord of la Tanniere
**[St. Lo, Chart. Rolls 1 Jo. m. 25.]
***of la Tanniere and Livare, died about 1227?
****living 1235, then married to Sir Henry de Gastines

In an undated grant to Savigny Abbey of "the tolls of Feuguerolles," William
son of Ralph de Gorram is a witness; this charter is supposed to be of the
early part of century XII.

In a Charter, dated 1114 (being a grant to Vitalis first Abbot of Savigny of
wood-land between the streams Urda and Chamberon), Henry de Gorram as a

Charters [not all listed here]:
1. Giles de Gorram ... wife, children, son William ca 1180
2. William de Gorram, brother Henry, Oliva wife, Ralph and Robert sons,
witnessed by Henry de Gorram, ca 1190
3. Guido de St. Loup and Mary de Gorrann his wife
4. Guido de St. Loup, Mary his wife, Gervase his eldest son, all other
5. Sir Ralph de Gorran, disputed rent, about 1215
6. Sir Ralph de Gorran, Lord of Thaonere and of Livare, 1227
7. Sir Dreux de Mellot,# Lord of Mayenne, consent of Isabella his wife,
confirms grant made in 1235 by Sir Robert de Gorram still living 1237
8. Agreement by Sir Giles de St. Loup and Foqueth son of Hugh Lord of Orta,
the heirs of Sir Robert de Goron of Thaonere, that they will observe the
Convention between the said Robert and the Abbot and Convent of Savigny,
9. Sir Fulch de Oeta, Lord of Livare, with consent of Johanna his wife, ...
Savigny Abbey. 1255
10. Inspeximus, by Ralph, Bishop of Avranches, of the following Savigny
a. Grant by Robert de Gorran, Lord of Thaonere and Livare
b. Confirmation by Robert de Gorran of grants by his ancestors
c. Confirmation by Giles de St. Loup [St. Lo] and Floqueth [Fulch] son of
Hugh Lord of Orta, heirs of Sir Robert de Gorran, of the Convention, dated
12 Feb. 1282-3.

#In 1237, Sir Dreux de Mellot, Lord of Mayenne, (in right of his wife
Isabella, eldest daughter and coheiress of Juhel III Lord of Mayenne)
confirmed the grant of La Doree made by Sir Robert de Gorram in 1235 to
Mount St. Michael. Seal on brown wax: round, about two inches and a half
in diameter and exhibits part of a shield charged with two bars between
(six?) birds (3,2,1?); to which a label of four points is added by Dom
Morice from a mutilated seal to a deed dated 1219. The counterseal is
round, one inch in diameter,
cross SECRETVM EST hOC ....;
surrounding a bird.

Seals on green wax on original grant, in 1235 by Sir Robert de Gorram to the
Monks of Mount St. Michael, of an estate in La Doree:

cross S': P : DECANI : DE: ERNEIA
Oval, one and a half by three quarters of an inch. Two birds perched on a

The S reversed. Round, one inch and a half diameter. On a shield, three
lions rampant.

The S reversed. Round, one inch and a half diameter. On a shield, a bar
(gemel?) beneath a chief.

Ginny Wagner

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