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From: norenxaq <>
Subject: Re: The descent of Baha U'llah
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 21:50:26 -0800
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> Lao Tzu the founder of
> Taoism, Genghis Khan, Tibetian kings, Indian emperors, and Seljuq
> Sultans, among others. That dynasty of Mazandaran kings came to an end
> on April 17, 1349 when King Hassan was overthrown by his wife's
> nephews, sons of his brother-in-law.
> Matthew


if you are refering to the Tang Dynasty being Lao Tzu's descendants, this
was probably an origin story based on the clan name being the same (Li).
This I consider a coincidence that was taken advantage of by certain
Taoists and Tang officials. Sharing a clan name does not necessarily
connote comon ancestry

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