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From: "D. Spencer Hines" <>
Subject: Re: Davenport
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 22:53:29 -0000
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The part about The Reverend John Davenport, who was the CO-FOUNDER of
the New Haven Colony in 1638, in concert with Theophilus Eaton, is
partially correct and the part about Yale is bogus.

John Davenport [1597 - 1669/70] died about 30 years before Yale was
founded, in ANOTHER Connecticut city -- NOT New Haven.

Davenport did WANT a college in New Haven, however.


Robert Davenport seems to have a fully-fed Hollywood Imagination and a
gift for BLARNEY.


""Leo van de Pas"" <> wrote in message

| I received this description about Robert Davenport:
| Robert Davenport is an accomplished author and screenwriter.
| His books include Roots of the Rich and Famous, The Rich and Famous
Baby Name Book, The Celebrity Birthday Book, Pets' Names of the Rich and
Famous, The Celebrity Almanac and The Hereditary Society Blue Book.
| Where does Mr. Davenport unearth these celebrity geneaological
relationships? Some come from interviews with the celebrities
themselves, and their families; others are the result of his own
research. Other family connections come to him from professional and
amateur geneaologists around the country who know of his mania for
collecting the roots of the rich and famous.
| Davenport attended Middlebury College (B.A.), St. John's Law School
(J.D.), Harvard Business School(M.B.A.) and UCLA Film School (M.F.A.).
| During Vietnam he was a naval flight officer, commanding a combat air
crew with Patrol Squadron Forty-Four, and during the Gulf War he was a
captain in the U.S. Army. After law school he worked for the U.S.
Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., and after business school
worked at various entertainment companies, including CBS, Viacom, New
World and Twentieth Century-Fox.
| The history and geneaology of the Davenport family traces the ancestry
and the descendants of the Rev. John Davenport, founder of New Haven,
Connecticut and of Yale College. The ancestry of the Rev. John Davenport
is traced back to Ormus de Davenport, who adopted the local name in
Cheshire after receiving the Manor of Davenport from the Barons of
| The most closely related Hollywood celebrity of the author is
Oscar-winning actor/director/ producer Clint Eastwood. Their more recent
relative is Asa Eastwood, who served as a sailor on the U.S.S.
| He lives in Los Angeles and works as a screenwriter.

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