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From: "Dora Smith" <>
Subject: Attila the Hun's wives and children
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 22:44:59 -0600

I'm responding to this old post, found in the archives, while checking into the wives and children of Attila the Hun.

("David Blocher") wrote in message news:<000f01c2c69c$6a5442a0$>...
> Does anyone have an inkling as to the descendants of Attila The Hun?
> Here is what I found, but I am very sceptical about it, especially considering that
> the name of Attila's daughter is unknown.
> 1-Attila The Hun (406-453)
> sp: Julia Grata Honoria Of Rome (-)
> 2-Daughter of Attila (-)
> sp: Ardaric Gepidae (-)
> 3-King Elemund Of The Ostrogoths (-)
> 4-Gepiade Of The Ostrogoths (-)
> sp: King Wacho (-)
> 5-Waldrada (529-)
> sp: Duke Garibaldi Of Bavaria (536-592)
> 6-Duke Tassilon I (558-609)
> 7-Duke Garibald II (608-625)
> 6-Romilde (abt 565-610)
> sp: Duke Gisulf II (abt 552-610)
> 7-Lady Geila (abt 583-bef 673)


Remember me? I wanted to know about the alleged daughter of Theodoric, raised by Flavius Aetius, in the movie Attila. (Which is still a favorite movie.) Eventually it emerged that she was imaginary.

OK, now remember Honoria, sister to the emperor? She existed - but Attila never married her. Not in the movie, and not in real life. This is the third or fourth time I've encountered this idea tonight. Honoria got into trouble for plotting with her butler against her brother. She was sent to Pulcheria's nunnery or whatever in Constantinople. She asked Attila to rescue her and offered half the Western Empire as her dowry. Attila used this as a pretext to invade teh Western Empire. Honoria was shipped back to Rome, maybe married to an elderly senator, and never heard from again.

Another one I keep running into - a notion that Ildico was Attila's fourth wife and bore one of his sons. Did he marry more than one Ildico? Ildico was the slave girl he had just married when he had his fatal nose bleed. They had no children- unless such children preceded the marriage by some years.

I'm outright confused about Ardaric Gepidae Guy. He turns up in more than one place in the history. He is variously supposed to be a member of Attila's court, a king who defeated Attila's sons, and a descendant of ATtila many generations down teh road and founder of the Lombard line?

Say, do I correctly understand that N'kara did not exist, either?

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas

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