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From: Francisco Antonio Doria <>
Subject: Re: LISTS: New manager at gen-ancient-L (Pat #337830)
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 00:55:49 -0700 (PDT)
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In case you need it, I can ask my friend Sergio
Buratto here in Brazil, who houses my genealogical
scrapbook, to house at least part of your pages.

(He will be receiving this msg as c/c.)


--- Stanford Mommaerts-Browne
<> wrote:
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> Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 8:30 AM
> Subject: Re: LISTS: New manager at gen-ancient-L
> (Pat #337830)
> > Rootsweb has to obey the voice of the people as
> well. I suggest we ALL
> send
> > their helpdesk mails until they realize the
> mistake made in appointing
> someone
> > of such petty qualities as a list admin.
> > Will Johnson
> >
> For what it is worth, this is an excerpt from
> I may as well address, here, some questions which
> have arisen.
> I 'disappeared' due to continuing software troubles.
> Since I can't afford
> new, I have to muddle through.
> I had started Gen-Ancient because I saw an
> interest. It had been my hope to nuture it to a
> going concern, (further
> than I succeeded), and then, bow out. Fortunately,
> Ms. (Dr./Prof.?) Asche
> was willing and able to take the ball, and to run
> with same. I sincerely
> wish her (& you all) a world of luck.
> I no longer maintain the EarthLink sites as it was
> too costly to pay for EL,
> (which does not offer highspeed/broadband internet
> in my area, and to pay
> for Cox, which does not offer the support of Trellix
> for webspace
> development. I still have the charts which appeared
> on all four EL sites,
> (i.e. Ancient, Classical, Asian/Oriental, and
> Arab-&-Moslem), and can e-mail
> them, (mostly in gif, though some in jpg, format),
> to interested parties.
> PLEASE be reminded that they are ALL only TENTATIVE.
> Also, due to the aforementioned difficulties, I have
> had to reload my
> computer twice (2X) /week for acouple of months. I
> have lost all e-mail
> prior to the very end of March, and all addresses.
> So I shall be remiss in
> corresponding with some of you for a while. I have
> also been unable to
> re-install IE6, (if anyone has suggestions on
> resolving that!).
> Sincerest best wishes, and
> Thanks for the concern which some have shown,
> Ford

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