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From: "Stanford Mommaerts-Browne" <>
Subject: Re: LISTS: New manager at gen-ancient-L (Pat #337830)
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 14:23:21 -0700
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This is how a nascent thread is appearing at Gen-Ancient:

Sh'ma Yisra'el by Stanford Mommaerts-Browne
Fwd: RE: [GEN-ANCIENT] Sh'ma Yisra'el by Joan Asche

It also shows up in my mailbox as coming from JA, not from Chico or Paul.
Now my first thought on this is that JA has responded to my req. for
Since she is now the author of the reply, I dare not quote PKD's words here,
but that is the knowledgeable person who responded with
leads/input/communication/sharing. I think that this is a gross distortion
of what is happening, and a fraudulent misrepresentation of scholarship.

Now, JA and the powers-that-be at RW, (whom she claims to have consulted),
may or may not be right in their understanding or interpretation of
international copyright laws, (my study of law says that they are not); but,
assuredly, they violate the ethics of scholarly or academic research and
publication - ('publication' simply means making public - it's how we share
and collaborate and advance).

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