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From: "CED" <>
Subject: Re: Mr. Richardson's Unfounded Charges
Date: 22 Jul 2005 08:09:44 -0700
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Douglas Richardson wrote:
> CED wrote:

Mr. Mr. Richardson:

Comments are interspersed:

> < Dear Mr. Richardson:
> < You should apolgize to the group for misrepresenation of you
> < qualification as an expert in the Latin used in 13th Century England.
> < You should not claim expertise in any field unless you first publish
> a
> < systematic study and have it subjected to proper criticism.
> <
> < CED
> I've published two systematic medieval studies, Plantagenet Ancestry
> and Magna Carta Ancestry. Both are massive. The first has received
> favorable reviews. The second one just came out.

Neither of these books are studies in the Latin used in England in the
century following 1200, the period for which you claim expertise.

You claimed expertise at a minimum on the Latin term "cognatus." You
have never published an article on the Latin of 13th Century England,
nor even on the specific word on which you claimed mastery.

Even if you had published on the subject there was no peer review.
Even if there were peer review, there was no recognized validity.

If you are a scholar, as you have claimed to be you would recognize
that these are the norm for recognition as an expert: systematic study,
publication, peer review, and validation as the result of peer review.

> Over the years, I've personally reviewed virtually every English
> cartulary in print, charter by charter, and all ancient deeds in print,
> page by page. I believe I'm more than familiar with the subject
> matter. I don't call myself an expert as I'm still busy learning new
> things.

On 10 Feb 2005 (and on other occasions) you claimed expertise as
"the Latin word "cognatus" in medieval England from
1200 forward (my period of expertise) meant kinsman only."

You had no right to do so.

> P.S. By the way, the C in my initials stands for Charles. You know
> the rest of my name. What do your initials stand for?

When I claim expertise to this group in any field related to the
subject of this group, I shall not use a pen name.


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