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From: "Peter Stewart" <>
Subject: Re: Mr. Richardson's Unfounded Charges
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 23:43:13 GMT
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""Leo"" <> wrote in message
> As this is addressed to me personally allow me to give a different kind of
> opinion. If you go to my website you see that I believe genealogists can
> be divided into two groups: Hunters and Gatherers. Hunters persue primary
> sources and gatherers use the finds of the hunters.
> I am very much a gatherer and have to pretensions to be a hunter, I
> feel/fear that Douglas Richardson is a gatherer who wants to be seen as a
> hunter. Also I have said it several times that Douglas Richardson could
> have been such a corner stone in genealogy, if only he could behave
> differently. You catch bears with honey, not with a stick. He could have
> created such goodwill that everyone would be willing to support and assist
> him and genealogy would benefit enormously. But to be such a corner stone
> you have to be flexible not out on revenge every time someone _may_ have
> said something disagreeable. But if something disagreeable has been
> said----address it, not go into counter attack.
> I think it is a tragedy that could have been such a triumph. But there is
> only one big looser.

Excellently well said, Leo. I might prefer a corner-stone to be more solid
than flexible, but even the greatest structures need to move a bit.

Richardson has no such qualities, although he could perhaps have attained to
them by hard, sensible and modest work. Instead his output has become
merely - in the superb phrase of Hans Vogels - so much "fried air".

Peter Stewart

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