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From: "Peter Stewart" <>
Subject: Re: Stewart's & Van De Pas's Unfounded Charges
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 23:38:53 GMT
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"D. Spencer Hines" <> wrote in message
> Crawl back into the closet, Peter -- and play with yourself and your
> hand grenades.

Logic is far from being your forte, isn't it Hines? First you say I need to
come out of the (or, rather, your....) "closet", now you imagine I should
get back into it.

> Hopefully, one will eventually go off in your lap.

If you call them grenades, you acknowledge an explosive potential. Why is
that, Hines? Has something blown up in your face - either of them, that is?

> You are having zip point zero luck with them in trying to injure Douglas
> Richardson.

Luck is scarcely required. Richardson has hurt himself with his transparent
"Uriah N. Owen" imposture more than anything said about this. As for the
rest, if nothing I say injures him, why exactly is it that you, Brandon and
the man himself invariably neglect to lob the "grenades" back, much less
failing to detonate any of your own?

Another damp quib from Hines, trying to sound military & - he wishes -

Peter Stewart

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