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From: "Peter Stewart" <>
Subject: Re: Susanna & Sarah, Interchangeable?
Date: 24 Jul 2005 16:58:25 -0700
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I wrote:


> Two names from different Hebrew or other roots could well converge
> in the usage of another language.

If Hines is not posting in his sleep (something must account for his
unending obtuseness....) he will recall an example of what I mean that
came under notice here recently.

The name Gausfred (Geoffrey) used mainly in West Frankish families has
become dovetailed into "Gottfried" in modern German usage along with
the original of the latter name, Godefrid (Godfrey), that was used
mainly in East Frankish families. David Kelley was misled by this - and
NOTHING MORE THAN THIS - into his nonsensical assumptions about Godfrey
de Bouillon and Geoffrey fitz Eustace.

Nothing like this could have happened with Sarah and Susannah. Pure and
simple - enough even for Hines, "with a little bit o' bloomin' luck" as
Richardson's mock-Cockney (Mockney?) friend Uriah the Turk might say.

Peter Stewart

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