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Subject: Re: Rohese, Wife of Sir Richard Lucy, Chief Justiciar of England.
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 14:56:59 EDT

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<< 1148/1152: Charter St Trinity London records Richard
de Lucy's grant of Abbey (church) of Liesnes (Lessnes)
for the benefit of his soul and the souls of his
Witnesses: Queent Matilda, William of Ypra, Thomas
Capellano Regine, Ricardo Capellano, Eaustachio
Clerico de Bol, Ricardo de Monte Acuto, Pagano
Elemosinario, Ricardo Clerico de Bol, Clarenhorto
Prior Sancti Saluatoris, Aschetillo Monacho Eius.

Note: 1148 suspected to be the correct date. >>

Does this grant imply that both of Richard's parents are dead at this time?
Will Johnson

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