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From: Denis Beauregard <>
Subject: Re: New database to test...
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 14:54:11 -0400
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On Wed, 3 Aug 2005 16:57:36 +0000 (UTC),
("Ginny Wagner") wrote in soc.genealogy.medieval:

>Hi Denis,
>np w Windows XP and Explorer version 6 both French and English. Just
>wondering what the check box beside the name is for? I tried checking
>it but didn't seem to do anything that I could tell.

Those famous check boxes ! I wondered if I should keep them only in
my personal version or not...

That format is the only one I have to browse the database. The other
format is a set of Excel files and it is not obvious to sort them by
family as there is a column for the link to the parents of the man in
a couple, and another for the link to the parents of the woman. I
can't sort by 2 columns to have all siblings side by side.

From time to time, I compare my data to some printed genealogies,
either to find more people (there are many articles that concentrate
on one family and in my case include the descendants who went back
to France after some year in New France) or to find mistakes. So,
I start from the 1sr generation, check each child when I have the
same data, and then explore each child. Mozilla keeps the check so
when I get back one generation, I know which families I already

So, you see, there is nothing connected to the checkboxes. They are
only a part of my validation process.

>Very ambitious
>project -- looks like it is going quite well. ;-) Ginny

I work on it since 5 years. It is only this year I will try to make
some money from it with an Internet version. But this is not the main
reason for having it on the web (as I could have only an index and
this would be enough to attrack trafic and clicks). No, the main
reason is to centralize long lines in Europe. At this time, there
are about 5 similar projects like mine on the net. One has merely
copied an old source published in 1870-1891, another one has copied
a source published in 1983 (he even copied the notes in it). And
there are at least 2 more huge US-made databases where everybody is
linked together. None of those can be considered as reliable. The
5th project is based on more reliable data but is not freely
accessible (except in public libraries using the CD-ROM version).

What I try to do is a reliable work but also to attract those medieval
lines that may exist somewhere (only the reliable one).


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