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Subject: Re: Henry of Poitou, Abbot of Peterborough 1127-
Date: 4 Aug 2005 17:05:17 -0700
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Dear Will ~

There is an online version of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle at the
following website:

The online transcript indicates that Henry of Poitou was kinsman to
both King Henry I of England and to Guillaume, Count of Poitou:

Year: 1127

"He [Henry of Poitou] was in his clerical state Bishop of Soissons;
afterwards monk of Clugny; and then prior in the same monastery.
Afterwards he became prior of Sevigny; and then, because he was a
relation of the King of
England, and of the Earl of Poitou, the earl gave him the abbacy
of St. John's minster of Angeli."

King Henry I and Count Guillaume of Poitou were both descended from the
Dukes of Normandy and from the French kings. I assume Henry of Poitou
shared both of these connections as well. Can anyone identify Henry of
Poitou's parentage?

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah


> I was skimming through the "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle", edited by G N Garmonsway,
> Charles Tuttle Pub, 1992. And in the Laud Chronicle for 1127 the writer has
> some extremely nasty things to say about this Henry of Poitou, there called
> "kinsman of the King" [Henry I, King of England 1100-35]
> Can someone help me in tracing exactly how Henry of Poitou is related to King
> Henry I ?
> Thanks.
> Will Johnson

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