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Subject: Re: Henry of Poitou, Abbot of Peterborough 1127-
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2005 09:12:34 +1000
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Dear Todd,

A guideline, no cast-iron proof, is Schwennicke ES Volume II Tafel 76.

Here is shown that Guillaume VII-IX le jeune had by Maubergon or Dangerose
both wife of Amaury de Chatellerault the following children
Raimond, Prince of Antiochia
Henri Abbot of Cluny
Agnes/Mathilde wife of (1) Aimery de Thouars (2) Ramiro II King of Aragon
Adelaide wife of Raoul de Fays
Agnes Abbess of Saintes
Guillaume Count of Valentinois ancestor of the family Poitiers-Valentinois

Tafel 76 gives as sources
Erich Brandenburg Nachkommen Karl's des Grossen
Siegfried Rosch Caroli Magni Progeni
Jacques Saillot Le Sang de Charlemagne

Isenburg/Freytag von Loringhoven, Volume II Tafel 28 (corrected and added to
by Schwennicke) gives Guillaume VII-IX a wrong second wife, mother of all
his children
Guillaume VIII-X, Raimond, Agnes (Agnes/Mathilde by Schwennicke) and four

What do you think is the situation? Do you think Henri is somehow a confused
addition to this family?

Leo van de Pas
Canberra, Australia
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> Peter Stewart wrote:
>> Richardson wrote:
>> <snip>
>>>King Henry I and Count Guillaume of Poitou were both descended from
>>>the Dukes of Normandy and from the French kings. I assume Henry of
>>>Poitou shared both of these connections as well. Can anyone identify
>>>Henry of Poitou's parentage?
>> From memory, he was an illegitimate son of Duke William the Troubadour
>> (paternal grandfather of Alienor of Aquitaine) by his mistress Mauberge
>> (aka Dangerosse, the wife of Aimery, viscount of Ch√Ętellerault and
>> maternal grandmother of Alienor).
> I have a chart that shows him as legitimate son of William. I don't trust
> this chart as far as I can throw it, but since Peter was going from
> memory, can anyone confirm his account.
> taf

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