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From: "pj.evans" <>
Subject: Re: CP funny - Lord Howth
Date: 24 Aug 2005 15:24:20 -0700
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"Leo van de Pas" wrote:
> In CP Volume VI pages 607 and 608 we have Christopher St.Lawrence, Lord Howth.
> He died at Howth 24 October 1619 and was buried there 19 January 1619/1620.
> As he died in 1619, surely he was buried in 1620, but why that long delay? Almost three months later. As he was buried in the place he died, that makes it even more strange.
> Would anyone know why?
> Leo van de Pas
> Canberra

I have a similar situation: Jerome Weston died 31 Dec 1603 and was
buried three weeks later. I don't know if he died where he was buried,
but I was considering bad weather as the reason for the delay (snow,
ice, floods, something like that). Permafrost doesn't seem to be the
answer here - the Little Ice Age wasn't around at the time.

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