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From: "John Brandon" <>
Subject: Re: CP funny - Lord Howth
Date: 24 Aug 2005 16:07:45 -0700
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>> We do not, for instance, like Brandon himself, demand from wounded conceit
that distinguished editors should move aside because of ill-health
when really meaning because they don't pander to us; and we don't
dismiss whole issues of NEHGR as being "of little interest" just
because our own needs and prejudices are not the editor's main purpose
in life.

When his "independent journal" is on precarious financial footing
anyway (and has been for years), it is simply foolish of him (in
whatever state of health) to let it get so terminally behind schedule.
Others are younger and better able to do the work.

NEHGR _has_ been very dull lately (and I think Leslie agrees with me on
this). Too many dry continued series that seem to have been planned to
keep the editor's work to a minimum (while he is busy submitting long
articles to TAG, I've noticed).

Now, maybe TAG could take over a few of the continued series from
NEHGR, and pass along some of the cutting-edge discoveries to Henry
Hoff. Everyone'd be a winner! ...

It's sensible, hence unlikely.

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