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From: Luke Potter <>
Subject: Re: CP funny - Lord Howth
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 08:52:36 +0100

This string (or at least the bits which actually try to talk about the
topic...) reminded me of the will of Fulk Eyton dated 8th Feb
1451/1452 in which he held the bones of the late John, 14th Earl of
Arundel hostage:

"Also I woll that my Lord of Arundell that now is aggre and compoune
with you my seide Executours for the bon [bones] of my Lord John his
brother that I broughte oute of France for the which carriage of bon
and oute of the frenchemennys handes delyveraunce he owith me a ml
marc and iiijc and aftere myn Executours byn compounded with I woll
that the bon ben buried in the Collage of Arundell after his intent."

John had died in 1435 and initially been buried at Beauvais.
Apparently CP makes a reference to his later reburial at Arundel but I
don't have access to vol 1 - does anyone have it to hand? It would be
interesting to see what they state about the reburial.

Luke Potter

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