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Subject: Re: King's Kinsman: King Henry IV's kinsman, Richard Grey, 4th Lord Grey of C...
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 19:33:57 EDT

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<< The titles given are incorrect: Jean was count of Brienne from June 1205
regent for his nephew born posthumously, then king (regnant, not regent) of
Jerusalem by right of his first wife from 3 October 1210 until her death
after 15 April 1212 when he became regent for their daughter Iolanda
(Isabelle). This regency ended with her marriage on 9 November 1225, and
Jean was elected emperor of the Latins in Constantinople (in his own right)
in 1229. >>

Was Louis of Brienne, Vicomte of Beaumont (who married Agnes of Beaumont) the
son of the first wife or the second wife?
Will Johnson

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