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From: "Douglas Richardson " <>
Subject: Re: King's Kinsfolk: Richard II's kinsman, Edmund Staffiord
Date: 30 Aug 2005 22:09:07 -0700
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Todd A. Farmerie wrote:

> And here the argument becomes circular. The Edmund Stafford was related
> via the Vernons because the Vernons descended from Eleanor Fines. We
> know the Vernons descended from Eleanor Fines because the of the
> relationship.
> taf

We can be reasonably sure that Bishop Edmund Stafford was related to
King Richard II of England through one of only three families: Wake,
Quincy, and Fiennes. When looking for possible routes of kinship, I
believe it is noteworthy that Bishop Stafford's great-grandfather,
Richard de Vernon, was married to a member of the Fiennes family. This
is elementary logic.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah


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