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From: "Chris Phillips" <>
Subject: Re: Index to Visitations
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 09:26:10 +0100
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R. Battle wrote :
> > " England and Wales Visitations, Volume I-XIV. [database
> > Provo, Utah:, 2002. Original data: ed. Joseph Jackson
Howard and
> > Frederick Arthur Crisp. Visitation of England and Wales, Volume I-XIV.
> > Privately printed, 1893-1906."
> <snip>
> Readers should be aware that this is *not* one of the visitations that the
> original poster probably had in mind. The vast majority of the data
> presented in this one is in the period between about 1750 and the late
> 1800s; it is not a collection of the earlier county visitations.
> I believe that the Harleian Society put out an index of sorts to its
> published visitations, but I am not certain.

I have tried several times to get to correct that (and other
numerous) errors in the descriptions of the material in their database. When
they have responded at all, it has been to say my email has been forwarded
to somebody else, and then nothing more has been done.

On indexes to the heralds' visitations, there is an index to surnames
published in the 19th century:

R. Sims, An Index to Pedigrees and Arms contained in the Heralds'
Visitations and other Genealogical Manuscripts in the British Museum
(London, 1849)

and also a more recent work:

C.R. Humphery-Smith, Armigerous ancestors: a catalogue of sources for the
study of the visitations of the heralds in the 16th and 17th centuries with
referenced lists of names (Canterbury, 1997)

There is also an online search facility provided by "Achievements", the
research company associated with Humphery-Smith's Institute of Heraldic and
Genealogical Studies:

Chris Phillips

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