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From: Gordon Banks <>
Subject: Re: Index to Visitations
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005 12:23:05 -0700
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I agree. I find such databases only good for hints usually. Few people
give any sources, so it is just repeating data they got from somewhere
else on the Internet usually, over and over again.

On Fri, 2005-09-02 at 12:07 -0400, wrote:
> In a message dated 9/2/2005 8:49:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
> writes:
> > He said they
> > went though (he had no idea how, obviously by data mining), and combined
> > all the multiple entries in Ancestry Family Tree to form only one entry
> > for each person in One World Tree.
> I think they probably did yes. But I also think they did this in some kind
> of static way. That is, a one-shot, and then it becomes outdated as AWT keeps
> growing by massive GEDCOM submissions, while OWT has to have a seperate
> submission system including both GEDCOM's and manual editing. So as they age they
> will drift further and further apart.
> In addition there are entries in OWT that do not exist in AWT and vice
> versa. My real point was not to ask how to use AWT. But rather it would be nice
> if they had merged in the notes and sources into OWT as well. Otherwise you
> have to do the extra work to track down *why* someone feels that X is the
> child of Y someplace else. Mostly I find that extra stuff a bit annoying to
> pursue :)
> Or maybe I'm just bitching.
> Will

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