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From: Nathaniel Taylor <>
Subject: Re: First quarter of shield (was The 3 Walter Griffiths...)
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 04:07:24 GMT
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Tim Powys-Lybbe <> wrote:

> ... I have never seen an armiger do anything other than put his
> patrinomial arms in the first quarter...

No one in this particular ring (Somerville v. Griffiths) has my maunche
on his helm, but I would like to give a very interesting non-royal,
non-modern example for Tim: several generations of immediate agnate
descendants of Sir Walter Blount and Sancha de Ayala, in the fifteenth
and early sixteenth centuries. They quartered either Sancha's paternal
arms (which we might name Gomez de Toledo) or her maternal arms (the
lords of Ayala in Alava), or both, *before* their agnatic, English coat,
_barry nebuly or and sable_, for Blount.

In addition to the surviving Garter stall enamels of their son Sir John
Blount (d. 1418) [quarterly, 1 & 4, Toledo; 2 & 3, Blount] and grandson
Walter, 1st Lord Mountjoy [quarterly 1: Ayala, 2: Toledo; 3: Blount, 4:
vair, ID disputed], there were similar arms for Sanchas
great-granddaughter Anne Blount, wife of Andrews, Baron Windsor of
Stanwell, in the church of Saint Andrews in the Wardrobe (see Thomas
Dingley, _History from marble_, 2 vols. [Camden Series, 94, 97: London,
1867-8], 2:464-5); and Sanchas great-great-granddaughter Elizabeth
Blount, wife of Sir Thomas Oxenbridge and Sir David Owen, in the church
of Northiam, Sussex (see Fane Lambarde, Coats of Arms in Sussex
Churches, _Sussex Archaeological Collections_ 68 [1927], at 210-11,
corrected at 69 [1928], 218-9). Then there is the magnificent Tudor
scroll with thirty-six achievements, representing at least nine
generations of Blounts, described and reproduced in the Burlington Fine
Arts Clubs _Catalogue of a collection of objects of British heraldic
art to the end of the Tudor period_ (London, 1916), pp. 3-5 and plate 3:
here the Blount coat reverts to the first quarter (pushing Ayala and
Toledo into the second and third quarters, respectively) only in the
arms of Sanchas great-great grandson William Blount, KG (d. 1535), 4th
Lord Mountjoy, and his daughter Gertrude, wife of Henry Courtenay,
Marquess of Exeter.

Nat Taylor

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