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Subject: Re: Fw: Vlad The Impaler
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 14:45:56 EST

Dear Michael, Leo, Le, Theron and others,
Vlad III Tepes
Dracula had at least three children: Vlad Tepelus who claimed the throne of
Wallachia in oppostion to Basarab the Old from 1476 to at least 1481. A couple of
websites claim He has modern descendants, a daughter who married Bogdan III,
Prince of Moldavia who had by him at least his sucessor Stefanita / Stefan IV
who has known descendants until at least the mid sixteen hundreds including
Alexander Lapusceanu Prince of Moldavia and Alexander cel Rau Prince of
Wallachia, also a natural son Mihnea I Cel Rau, Prince of Wallachia whose male line
descendants down to Prince Mihail Radu occasionally held the Wallachian throne
down to 1659. The Princes Tepes Dracula were male line descendants down to at
least Arkady who succeeded his father Peter II in 1845. See
James W Cummings
Dixmont, Maine USA

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