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Subject: Re: Fw: Vlad The Impaler
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 10:58:10 +1100
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Bogdan III, "The One Eyed" Mushati married twice and also had two

First Wife: Anastasia married 1510; she died 12/10/1512 NO Children are
Second Wife: Roxandra Bassaraba, married 21/9/1513. NO Children are known

First Mistress: Anastasia Doamna. Died 2/5/1558. ONE Son: Alexandru IV
Lapusneanu (Prince of Moldavia 1552-1561 and 1564-1568) died 5/5/1568)
The Surname may have been the surname of the Mistress).

Second Mistress: Stanca ? (Died 28/1/1518). TWO sons.
Petru Mushati (Died 20/9/1527)
Stefan VI, Mushati (Prince of Moldavia 1517-1527) Died 14/1/1527). Married
Stanca Bassaraba and had ONE son, Ioan, Bogdan Mushati (Died after 1596)
ONE Mistress: Serpega. Son Ioan III (Illegitimate) (Prince of Moldavia
1572-1574) Died 14/6/1574. (Married twice: Princess Maria of Rostov and
Marica Huru)

""Leo"" <> wrote in message
> Dear James,
> You inspired me to have another look. But it starts with a negative.
> Dracula's son Mihnea the Angry married twice, had two sons by his first
> wife and that daughter who married Bogdan III by the second wife. Bogdan
> III's son Stefan IV, according to ES was fathered by mistress Stanka/Stana
> not by the granddaughter of Dracula. But this Stefan married a Bassaraba,
> member of Dracula's family. I am looking further and if I find anything
> that indicates lines to the present I will let you know.
> Leo
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>> Dear Michael, Leo, Le, Theron and others,
>> Vlad III
>> Tepes
>> Dracula had at least three children: Vlad Tepelus who claimed the throne
>> of
>> Wallachia in oppostion to Basarab the Old from 1476 to at least 1481. A
>> couple of
>> websites claim He has modern descendants, a daughter who married Bogdan
>> III,
>> Prince of Moldavia who had by him at least his sucessor Stefanita /
>> Stefan IV
>> who has known descendants until at least the mid sixteen hundreds
>> including
>> Alexander Lapusceanu Prince of Moldavia and Alexander cel Rau Prince of
>> Wallachia, also a natural son Mihnea I Cel Rau, Prince of Wallachia whose
>> male line
>> descendants down to Prince Mihail Radu occasionally held the Wallachian
>> throne
>> down to 1659. The Princes Tepes Dracula were male line descendants down
>> to at
>> least Arkady who succeeded his father Peter II in 1845. See
>> Sincerely,
>> James W Cummings
>> Dixmont, Maine USA

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