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Subject: Hasilden, of Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire
Date: 19 Nov 2005 07:03:01 -0800

1. Christopher Hasilden (Vis. Cambs, Harl. Soc. Pub. Vol 41, p 88), had

2a. Thomas Hasilden, born circa 1320; had papal indult to choose his
own confessor, 1354 (Roskell et al, HoP 1386-1421 Vol III, p 314, as
following statements); of Wakefield, Yorkshire ; in the service of
Henry, Duke of Lancaster before 1360, and subsequently of John of
Gaunt, to whom he acted successively as household Comptroller and
Attorney-General; Constable of Liverpool Castle, 1374; MP for
Cambridgeshire, 1384, 1386; JP for that county from 1376; acquired the
manors of Foxleys, Pichards and Bondesbury at Guilden Morden,
Huntingfield at Litlington, and Goldington Bury, Beds; gave evidence at
the Scrope v Grosvenor trial, 1386, then aged 66; died between 1387 and
1392; brass formerly at Steeple Morden [indent remains] is said to be
"probably that of Sir Thomas Haselden, controller of the household to
John of Gaunt, died c1400, and wife Joan Burgh" [Monumental Brasses of
Cambs, p 193]; according to Roskell, married twice, secondly to Joan de
Burgh (who married secondly Sir William de Hasenhill, died 1443).

3a. Richard Hasilden, said by Roskell et al to be son by a first
marriage of his father, although Vis. Cambs makes him son of Joan de
Burgh; purchased the manor of Avenels in Guilden Morden, and the manor
and advowson of Clopton, c1390; of Steeple Morden and Guilden Morden;
acquired manors of Shillingstone, Dorset, and Little Chesterford, Essex
by his first marriage; MP for Cambs, 1394, 1399; Sheriff of Beds &
Bucks, 1404-1405; IPM writ dated 11.11.1405; inquest at Litlington,
15.11.1406 (sic); "held 2 acres in Steeple Morden in chief by knight's
service, as parcel of one fee called Cheneys Manor, annual value 16d;
at Litlington, the manor called Huntingfields of the Earl of Stafford
as one knight's fee, annual value 12 marks; died 11 April 1405 (sic);
Thomas his son and heir was aged 20 on 29 June last; Joan Hasilden has
taken the issues since his death" [Cal. IPMs Vol XIX 7-14 Henry
IV]married firstly c1379 Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Sir Stephen
Turberville; married secondly before June 1400 Margaret. Issue by
first marriage:

4. Thomas Hasilden, incorrectly called "John" in Vis. Cambs; born 1386;
his wardship granted to William de Asenhill, his [step] grandmother's
second husband; went mad shortly after attaining his majority; died
before 1417; married Isabel, "daughter and heir of ... Hampton of
Hertfordshire" (Vis. Cambs). Issue:

5a. William Hasilden, born circa 1410 (HoP); died circa 1480; IPM
(Essex, Dorset, Cambs & Ruland), 20 Edward IV C140/74/2; left a will
containing a bequest to the church at Little Chesterford; married
"Elizabeth, daughter and heir of ... Dennis [Daneys] and of his wife
sister of John Tiptoft" (Vis. Cambs) - i.e. John Daneys (d 1433), of
Lyndon & Tickencote, Rutland; WH referred to in PRO document PSO1/63/28
as "husband of Elizabeth sister and coheir of Robert Daynes
[30.11.1440]; issue:

6a. John Hasilden, of Meldreth, Cambs (Vis. Cambs); died 1504; married
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Cheney. Issue:

7a. Catherine Hasilden, married firstly James Docwra (Vis. Cambs, sub
Docwra); married secondly Ralph Lane. Left issue.

7b. Anthony Hasilden, held the manors of Foxleys, Brondesbury and
Pychards in Guilden Morden, Huntingfield in Litlington, and Veysies in
Meldreth and Melbourne; died circa 1527; IPM 23 Henry VIII (C
142/69/94); will proved PCC 1 June 1527 (PROB 11/22):

"I Antony Hasilden of Gilden Morden in the countie of Cambridge body to be buried if it might be... in the p[ar]isshe
church of Walpole or Chapell"; bequests to churches of Guilden Morden,
Meldreth and Littlington; "William my son and the heirs of his body
lawfully begotten, and for the default of issue of the said William, I
will it remain to Elizabeth my daughter, and for default of issue of
Elizabeth I will it shall be sold... and the money thereof to be done
in deeds of charitable (sic)"; a priest to sing for a year at Morden
church, and second at Meldreth church for "my ffather, my mother, my
brother Francis w[i]t[h] all my good friends; feoffees to stand and be
seized of the manor of Wayses [Veysies, in Meldreth & Melbourne] to the
use of Jane my wife, she paying onto unto (sic) my sister Grayes
Maister late wife to Thomas Caldecote £5 of good and lawful mony gyven
his Wife (sic) and also to Dorothy Wrynd another £5 during his (sic)
life; to son William "a litle gilte cupp
which was my brothers"; if he die, "I will Elizabeth my daughter have
hit"; if Elizabeth die, "I will my n[i]ece Payton have it if she be
living or else the children of Elizabeth"; "Thomas Chichele and William
Chamber and Jane my wife" to be executors; "revenues" arising from the
wardship and nonage of Thomas Dyrons; "my cosen Laurence Cheyne; my
cosen Dokerey; mt cosen Crustifor Grene".

Codicil: "My nevewe Chicheley"; "I will the ... William my sonne and
Elizabeth my daughter and George Ansty in to t[he] hands of my Nevewe
Chicheley and his wife and George Ansty to mar[r]y my daughter my wife
[latter word scored through] my daughter (sic) Elizabeth, and also that
my sayed Nevewe have Thomas Deron and Francis his brother likewise in
his custody and to make the beste of him" that he can towards the
purchasing of land; "All suche plate as I had by the deathe of My Lord
of Saint Johan" to be sold towards the purchasing of land for my heirs;
"I will that Clement Chicheley my godsonne shall... praye for my
soule"; "I will that that childe my wife hath nowe w[i]t]h all shall
have iff God send it life to it [have when it come to] lawful age £40"
if William and Elizabeth are still living but "if it please God to take
William my sonne and this be a boy that she hath and like to it come to
lawful age, I will that hit inherit as William sholde, and if hit be a
daughter, to have her parte"; "I will that my cosen William Hasilden
have my house"; "my nevewe William Calross, £20 at 23; "I will that my
nevew John Docray be my supervisor of this my last will"; "I will that
John Maist have iii quarters whete... and also Margaret Reyffe"; "I
will that my cosen Xpofer Burgoyn have ii payres of my beste ..."

married Jane, his executrix and widow, c1530 (PRO C/1/665/1); issue:

8a. William Hasilden, son and heir; died under age in 1537 (VCH Cambs
sub Litlington); IPM 35 Henry VIII (C 142/69/94); no issue

8b. Elizabeth Hasilden, coheiress to her brother; inherited a moiety of
the manor of Huntingfield, 1547 (Cal. Pat. Rolls, Ed VI Vol I, pp
49-50); married by May 1547 Richard Bury of Hengrange, Beds (Vis.
Cambs); left issue

8c. Beatrice Hasilden, bor circa 1529, probably posthumously; inherited
moiety of the manor of Huntingfield, 1547; married by May 1547, Robert
Freville, son and heir of John Freville of Little Shelford, Cambs

7c. Francis Hasilden, of Guilden Morden and Chesterford, Essex; one of
the executors of Sir Thomas Cheney, 1517 [PRO STAC2/32/64]; died circa
1522; will proved PCC 21 November 1522 [Prob 11/20]; "to be buried at
Guilden Morden"; married Elizabeth (Vis. Cambs). Issue:

8a. Frances Hasilden, daughter and heir; married Sir Robert Peyton of
Isleham; left issue

6b. George Hasilden, died without issue (Vis. Cambs)

6c. Richard Hasilden; (Vis. Cambs); issue:

7a. William Hasilden (Vis. Cambs); beneficiary under the will of
Anthony Hasilden, 1529

7b. Richard Hasilden (Vis. Cambs); possibly to be identified with the
one of this name, girdler of London, described in PRO C1/1130/25-26 as
"descendant and heir of William Hasilden", who sued the Peytons over
the manors at Guilden Morden, 1544-1551

5b. John Hasilden (Vis. Cambs)

3b. Thomas Hasilden the younger, said to be son by his father's first
marriage; MP for Cambridgeshire, 1395, 1397, 1401; JP for that county
from 1397; Sheriff of Cambs and Hunts, 1399-1400; of age by 1380;
King's esquire, 1400; died circa 1404, without legitimate issue
[possibly "Thomas de Hasilden the father" who held lands and tenements
in Wakefield apparently claimed by his bastard son, Thomas, subject to
legal suit 1409 referred to in documents in the Lincolnshire Archives,
re. Hotchkin 1/2/3]

3c. (daughter), married Thomas Mynot, secretary to the Abbot of Walden
(Vis. Cambs)

2b. Roger Hasilden (Vis. Cambs); issue:

3. Hugh Hasilden (incorrectly called Henry in Vis. Cambs); Rector of
Clopton, Cambs, 1393-1401; MP, Beds, 1406; JP for that county from
1413; of Goldington Bury; died circa 1436; married; issue:

4. Thomas Hasilden, inherited his father's property in Yorkshire, which
he sold in May 1437; living, 1439.

Arms: argent, a cross flory sable

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