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From: "Douglas Richardson" <>
Subject: Re: The parentage of Orm Fitz Ketel (living 1094)
Date: 3 Dec 2005 17:04:27 -0800
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Dear Dix ~

Thank you for posting the material relative to the history of Kendal.
It's much appreciated.

I played around with some chronology tonight and came up with the
following tentative dates on the family of Eldred based on
Keats-Rohan's arrangement of this family:

1. Eldred, born say 1060, died before 1093, married (as her 1st
husband) Beatrice Taillebois, daughter and heiress of Ives Taillebois
(died c. 1093), by an unknown 1st wife. They were the parents of:

i. Godith, born say 1080, m. Gilbert. They had three sons:

a. William de Lancaster I (otherwise known as William
Taillebois), born say 1100, d. 1170. He was heir to his uncle, Ketel
Fitz Eldred.
b. Robert
c. Roger

ii. Ketel Fitz Eldred, born say 1085, living 1120's, probably died
before 1135, m. Christian. They had one son:

a. William Fitz Ketel, born say 1105. He was living in the
1120's, and died without surviving issue.

On the issue of the birthdate of William de Lancaster I, I see that
Keats-Rohan states that he first occurs in the records c. 1120. Can
anyone supply the documentation for that date?

If Ketel Fitz Eldred was born say 1085, he obviously would not be the
father of Orm Fitz Ketel, whose only known wife, Gravelda, was born in
or before 1075.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah


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