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From: "Douglas Richardson" <>
Subject: Re: Count Roger of Poitou
Date: 11 Dec 2005 07:02:47 -0800
References: <> <> <> <dnhc8v$a0g$>

Round correctly translated the Latin "Rogerus comes pictavensis" into
English as "Roger Count of Poitou." Whether Roger was actually Count
of Poitou is immaterial.

I note that Kathleen Thompson, on the other hand, has translated this
same text to read "Earl Roger the Poitevin." It is inapproriate to
call Roger an earl, as Roger was a French count, not an English earl.

I elsewhere find that Thompson has translated the Latin word "amicis"
as "friends," whereas the correct translation should be "kinsfolk." In
his own work, I note that Round translated the Latin word "amicis" as
"kinsfolk," when used in this manner.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah


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