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From: "John Brandon" <>
Subject: Re: Small RPA / MCA addition: Date of death for wife of Edmond Hawes
Date: 16 Feb 2006 06:47:07 -0800
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> refer to some fact in connection with the year written directly above
> it, "1655."

I later realized that someone born in 1655 would be aged 18 in 1674
until her birthday (when she'd turn 19).

Maybe someone could be a love and report what the source says?

IF, however, this James had an eighteen-year-old daughter in 1674, he
couldn't be the man born in 1647. I notice that Savage's _Dictionary_,
on the page already mentioned, shows a "[TAYLOR], JAMES, Reading, may
have been that surveyor, much employ. in 1671 and 2, d. at R[eading].

I remember that Gary, when first reporting on James Taylor, the "new"
immigrant of royal descent, mentioned that he was a surveyor. However,
Douglas, in RPA and MCA, does not state that James Taylor of Boston and
Lynn was a surveyor.

Is is possible there were two Jameses? Reading is fairly close to both
Lynn and Boston and may have played into the confusion.

Just a (perhaps baseless) speculation ...

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