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Subject: Re: Mayflower Royal Descents? (Was Re: Ghost of Lady Witham-Jopson-Bolles)
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 20:06:37 EST

Dear Tony and others,
I personally am uncertain of how exactly
the Pilgrims defined social rank beyond the true Pilgrim "Saints" such as
Reverend Robert Cushman, Elder William Brewster ( note much research has been done
on his wife Mary who was thought to have been a Wentworth, which has been
disproven. I think the earliest surname given for her Dr Jeremy Bangs in Mayflower
Quarterly 51: 165-66 puts forth the possibility that She was a Wyrall.),
Governor John Carver, future Governors William Bradford and Edward Winslow and the
Strangers such as Assistant Governor Stephen Hopkins and Richard Warren. to
be sure there were servants such as John Howland and Edward Doten who in course
of time became almost as powerful as their former masters.


James W Cummings

Dixmont, Maine USA

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