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From: "Warren and Paula Jo Merrill" <>
Subject: Re: Mayflower Royal Descents? (Was Re: Ghost of LadyWitham-Jopson-Bolles)
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 23:39:00 -0700
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I was wondering if someone with these books would miind telling me if any of
the following people end up in the lines that eventually are part of the
Jamestowne Society. I have these people in my file and because they show up
very early in Virginia I'm suspicious that they somehow are tied in but
currently I don't have the connections.

I've tried to find a copy of these books just to do some looking but so far
haven't had much luck. All I found was a very early edition of Adventurers
of Purse and Person and it didn't help me as much as I had hoped. If I knew
for sure that one of the books documented one of these people into those
lines I'd be happy to buy it but if I'm only on a wild goose chase the books
are a bit pricey.

The following people are direct ancestors of either my wife or myself. Do
any of these lead us to a Jamestowne ancestor?

1) Mary Awbrey b. about 1660 d. before 17 Oct 1721 m. John Meador

2) William Bibby b. about 1602 d. before 25 Sep 1637 m. Mary (I found an
entry that he came over on the Swan in 1620/1621, not one of the original
colonists but close).

3) Thomas Meador b. about 1634 d. 14 Apr 1652 m. Elizabeth White

4) Abraham Weeks b. about 1631 d. 6 Jan 1691/1692 m. Milicent Lidford or

5) Sir Francis Weeks (father of Abraham Weeks) b. about 1616 d. about 1689

6) Elizabeth White b. about 1639 m. Thomas Meador father was Richard White
and mother was Addra?

Those appear to be the most promising. I don't want to burden with too many
names but within a few years of these the surnames Bybee, Goodloe, Hudgens,
Meador, Prescott and Weeks show up multiple times. Maybe I just don't know
enough about how to find the right information yet but it seems that
Jamestowne descendants information is hard to come by and sort of seems to
be locked up in just these few books.

Thanks for any time you give to helping on this....

""Tony Hoskins"" <> wrote in message
> As I mentioned, it is a good starting point.
>>>> Doug McDonald <> 03/10/06 12:11PM >>>
> Tony Hoskins wrote:
>> "What about Jamestown, which of course predates the Mayflower?"
>> Jamestown in entirely another matter. A good starting point for
>> Jamestownians with ancient ancestry is Dorman's _Adventurers of
> Purse
>> and Person_.
> I own the first two of three of those books. They give,
> essentially, only descendants, not ancestors.

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