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Subject: Re: A better birthrange for John de Vere, father of the 15th Earl of Oxford
Date: 1 May 2006 16:55:12 -0700
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Dear Will ~

Some of your information appears to be incorrect.

John Vere, K.G., 15th Earl of Oxford (died 1540), was the son and heir
of John Vere, Esq. (died testate before 15 March 1488), by his wife,
Alice, daughter and co-heiress of Walter Colbroke, Gent., of
Cullompton, Devon, by Joan (or Jane), daughter and co-heiress of
Richard Tresytheny, of Tresytheny (in St. Columb), Cornwall. For
further particulars on the Vere and Colbroke families, see Douglas
Richardson, Magna Carta Ancestry (2005).

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah

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> Probably a little surprised when the male line died out after the 14th Earl
> 14 Jul 1526, the Earldom next passed to his second-cousin John de Vere who had
> married Elizabeth Trussel of Kibblestone. This John de Vere, 15th Earl of
> Oxford, was the son of another John de Vere and his wife Alice Kilrington
> Until today I had only a vague idea of a birthrange for John de Vere, the
> father of the 15th Earl. However, by good fortune, a letter survives writen by
> Queen Margaret of Anjou to Jane (Courtenay) Carew, widow of Nicholas, Lord
> Carew.
> This letter writen between 1447 and 1450 puts a limit on when Jane (Joan)
> could have married secondly to Robert de Vere, father of John and thus
> grandmother to the 15th Earl.
> The source states that Sir Nicholas Crew died 3 May 1447. It also states
> that this widow Jane married second to Robert de Vere and the license "of Lacy,
> Bishop of Exeter, bears date 5 Oct 1450"
> Thus John de Vere, could not have been born until at least 1451.
> The source further states that Jane had five Carew sons, but only the one de
> Vere son.
> Will Johnson
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> "Letters of Queen Margaret of Anjou and Bishop Beckington", Cecil Monro, Esq,
> Editor. Printed for the Camden Society. 1863
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