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Subject: Re: Clement Briggs d 1648 Weymouth, Mass and his son John
Date: Thu, 4 May 2006 19:14:23 -0400 (GMT-04:00)

John Briggs, s. of Clement & Joan, was born between 1630-1640:

If there was in fact a connection between Clement Briggs of Weymouth and John Briggs of Hingham, MA (I've seen no evidence), it was not as father and son since, as you've noted, the chronology makes this supposition quite untenable.


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>Subject: Clement Briggs d 1648 Weymouth, Mass and his son John
>Clement Briggs made a deposition on 19 Aug 1638 in which he states that 22
>years before he was "dwelling with Mr Samuell Lathame in Barmundsey Street in
>The Source: "Clement Briggs of Plymouth Colony and his descendants
>1621-1965", compiled by Edna Anne Hannibal of Palo Alto, California with Abstracts of
>Probate and Land Records by Claude W Barlow, PhD Clark University, Worcester,
>uses this to mean that he was at that time an apprentice fellmonger (tanner)
>So from this we should be able to infer that he could not have been very old.
>In addition, his first known wife Joan Allen was married to him probably
>shortly before 1 Mar 1630/1, on which date, the person who married them was fined
>5 pounds for doing so.
>He had at least three children from this marriage and an additional three
>from his next wife Elizabeth somebody, whom he married between 1635 and 1639.
>Clement died 23 Dec 1648 at Weymouth, Mass.
>So I believe we can conclude that Clement Briggs could not have been born
>much if any before 1600, and if he were an apprentice fellmonger in 1616, it's
>doubtful he was already married at this time, and we have no record of any
>previous wife or children.
>There are many trees which give him a son John Briggs who married Hannah
>Fisher and had a son William Briggs 2 Apr 1646 born at Highham, Massachusetts.
>This son William then married Sarah Macomber 6 Nov 1666 at Taunton,
>Can someone help me straighten this out? I certainly don't believe that this
>William Briggs was a grandson to Clement Briggs at this point. The
>chronology is just too tight, and other than this, there is no evidence, to my
>knowledge, that Clement had a family previous to his marriage to Joan Allen.
>Will Johnson

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