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Subject: Re: Alice Plantagenet born in 1415?
Date: 9 May 2006 12:56:55 -0700
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> Hello all,
> First time poster here, though I've been an occasional reader...
> Got a query for some of you out there, and it deals with a certain
> Alice Plantagenet. I have read on some family trees that there was a
> woman by this name who was the daughter of Richard of Conisbrough (b.
> 1376) and a second wife by the name of Matilda De Clifford (after the
> death of Anne Mortimer).
> Does anyone know if there is any truth is this? They have her listed as
> being born in 1415 (the year of Richard's death) and later marrying a
> Thomas Musgrave (b. 1417, and the acknoweldged spouse of Joan
> Stapleton).
> Hopefully someone out there can help me with this...

Welcome, it's good that you have taken the plunge and posted.

The second marriage of Richard, Earl of Cambridge to Matilda de
Clifford is factual, but they had no known issue. If the trees where
this (or anything else) appears do not give any references or sources,
then as a general rule they shouldn't be given any credence.



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