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Subject: Re: C.P. Correction: Birthdate of Margaret Butler, wife of William Boleyn, K.B.
Date: 11 May 2006 13:42:40 -0700
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Douglas Richardson schrieb:

> Dear Michael ~
> We are apparently seeing a child bride marriage in this case, as we
> know that William Boleyn and Margaret Butler were married in or before
> November 1469, yet William was not required to settle lands on Margaret
> until he was aged 22 in about 1473. The delay in the settlement of
> lands was evidently due to the fact that Margaret was still under age
> in 1469, and had not yet consummated the marriage.
> The settlement of lands presumably would have taken place in or around
> the time the bride was aged 13 or 14, whern such marriages were usually
> consummated. If so, this would peg Margaret's birth at about 1459 ot
> 1460. That is why I used the age 13 in this case. A birthdate of 1460
> would make Margaret aged 17 at the birth of her first son, Thmas, in
> 1477. This time frame sounds very agreeable to me.

Many thanks for detailing your reasoning in this respect, Douglas - I
am very grateful and found the further information most interesting.

Regards, Michael

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