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Subject: Re: C.P. Correction: Birthdate of Margaret Butler, wife of William Boleyn, K.B.
Date: 13 May 2006 11:34:49 -0700
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> The Guide, which is called "St Peter's Church, Hever, Kent" but is
> undated and unattributed, states (p3, under the heading 'The Bullen
> Chapel'):
> "At the south-west corner of the tomb [of Sir Thomas Bullen] lies a
> memorial to Henry, the infant son of Sir Thomas".
> I am afraid my notes from my visit to the church last year concentrate
> on the Cheyne monuments, so I do not have the text of Henry Bullen's
> memorial.

I posted too hastily. Page 6 of the Guide states:

"Sir Thomas [Bullen] lies in the chapel and beside him is the grave of
his little son Henry, marked only with a cross", so presumably there is
no MI.

I also looked at Dugdale's Baronage, sub Bullen, Eark of Wiltshire, and
this also states that Sir Thomas had only one son, Viscount Rochdale.


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